Kiurun Laulu Male Voices Choir

Male Choir Kiurun Laulu  celebrated its 50th anniversary in February last year. It was founded in 1954 in the small rural town of Kiuruvesi  in the Center of Finland. The choir  comprises over 30 active singers who have their practice time on Thursdays. The conductor  of the choir, director cantus Eino Lilja, has directed  the choir for over thirty years.

The choir loves to sing traditional patriotic and spiritual songs in concerts but lately serenades, folk music, tangos and contemporary music have taken their place in the repertoire. In addition to performances  in Finland, Kiurun Laulu has sung to appreciative audiences in Sweden, USA, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Hungary and Italy.

The choir  won the silver diploma in the choir competition held in Hungary in 1991 and received the Kiuruvesi Cultural Award  in 2002. The choir has also received several recognitions from  the Musical Association “SuLaSol” of the Upper Savo District,  and was chosen the Male Choir of the year in Finland in 2005.

Kiurun Laulu  has made six recordings,  four  tapes and two CDs. The first CD,  “Kiurun Laulu”, Song of the Lark, was  recorded in 1995, and the second, “Sulle laulan”, I Sing to You, in 2004.   In 1991 the choir also published the text of 42 songs in the  edition  entitled,” Sävellyksiä ja sovituksia  Kiuruvedeltä”,  Compositions and Arrangements from Kiuruvesi,.



Director Cantus Eino Lilja

Kiurun Laulu’s conductor, director cantus Eino Lilja, became primary school teacher in 1967. He has participated in the introductory and extension choir conducting courses  in Klemetti- Collage. He was granted the title of Director Cantus in 1994. He has also conducted the Chamber Choir of Kiuruvesi Teachers  1976 – 1990 and acted as a substitute organist for many parishes in the Upper Savo area.